Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Gift that Keeps on Giving ...

Another blustery day. What better way to lighten spirits and shrug off oppressive grey skies than through a peace-filled, quiet t'ai chi chih class group practice?

I arrived at class early to allow time to practice half the form before students appeared. After considerable laughter and conversation we began our moving meditation. I commented to a student after class that it is so gratifying to see the changes that people's bodies and minds go through as they continue their TCC practice and learn how to let go and relax into the movements. Most weeks I notice shifts and changes that feel almost magical!

We refined our arm movements for the Taffies last week. This week we focused on our foot placement and weight shift. Each week builds upon the next until, suddenly, it's the final class of an eight-week session and, after a brief or longer gap (in this case, an entire four-months of summer), we begin all over again.

I feel a twinge of sadness at the end of a class session because I miss the group energy. There is something so unique, so unusual, so unexpected about joining with a group to move in coordinated silence. It's certainly not the norm for a typical American lifestyle that relies on movin' and shakin' in order to accomplish goals and make money.

I'm grateful for this t'ai chi chih practice that fills another need that's often hard to identify in words but which is equally important and relevant: making time in my life to experience peace, compassion, and silence. It's a gift I give myself that keeps on giving....

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