Monday, May 10, 2010

Blessed ...

Dueling squirrels conduct their chattering exchange from neighboring trees. Then ... silence. It's a picture perfect scene. Sunny 60s, wide, open blue above, and gracious green around, about, and below.

During this morning's TCC practice I flow through the scenery like a fish gliding along a stream: natural, effortless ... just a flip of the tail/turn of the waist to continue my journey.

Some days I can drink in my blessings more easily than others and this is one of those days. The air softly brushes my skin with coolness while the sun warms the top of my head, my hands and face with its golden heat.

Birds sing gleefully; the leafy green forest waves at me as it circles closer in an ever-expanding embrace; Chiripa hunts and chases, darts and freezes in place.

Me ... I glide and float, swim and rest, rise and fall with the flow of Universal Chi. When complete, I sit on the deck to listen and watch the greening forest in grateful silence. Ahh....

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