Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Drips and Drops of Peace

It's raining! Glorious rain. The wetness drips down slowly, almost reluctantly. Evening arrived earlier tonight due to a sky full of clouds and air filled with moisture. And the green keeps expanding, growing, and creeping into open spaces and nooks in the sky above and over the forest floor.

When I begin TCC practice inside looking out, I see every shade of green imaginable. Of course, there's lots of new green, a color that pierces the atmosphere with its yellowy-greeny, perky, sprightly energy.

I allow the green to soak into my senses as I move slowly and quietly. No need to hurry. No rush. Just letting myself drip from one movement into the next. It's wonderful to feel myself dropping into the rhythm of the falling rain.

Too quickly TCC practice is over and I'm sitting at the computer lulled into contemplation by the quiet drips and drops that bounce onto the metal roof above me. Ahhh, peace....

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