Thursday, May 13, 2010

Easing the Way

The rain is a-fallin' and current temperatures are in the mid-30s. It's a blessing to see raindrops dripping down the window screens, falling from the sky, lying in pools on the ground and pavement, and swishing off my car windshield. It rained throughout the day and now appears to be temporarily on pause. What a relief. Someone told me last week that this region saw the driest spring on record in over 100 years this year....

This morning's T'ai Chi Chih class was prefaced with a talk by the community ed organizer for the area. She discussed a new price increase that comes into effect for fall 2010 classes. It's a considerable hike for seniors who've received a bargain basement price for many years but it also calls into question whether class sessions should be decreased, class time should be shortened, or classes shouldn't be scheduled at all.

I'm reminded of the adage: The only thing constant is change.

It felt wonderful to circle into our TCC practice and leave the decisions and contemplations for another time. By the end of practice I felt incredibly grateful for these special people who return to T'ai Chi Chih classes and practices session after session, year upon year.

After class I talked with a former T'ai Chi Chih student sitting in his car in the parking lot who wondered whether he was having a stroke. After some discussion and my suggestion of reiki, we went back inside the building and I offered some energy work while I listened, supported, and comforted. When he felt better, I followed him home in my car and we visited for awhile longer.

Again, the preceeding T'ai Chi Chih practice very likely put me in a place of caring compassion and centeredness where I remained--quiet and calm--in the midst of a potentially life-threatening situation. The Universe works in amazing ways and T'ai Chi Chih moving meditation is just one of the tools it provides to ease the way.

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