Monday, May 24, 2010

Weather Improving

I still have that under-the-weather feeling but the weather is starting to improve. My t'ai chi chih practice tonight felt easier. I could move my arms around Platters and Bass Drums and over Mountains and into Valleys without experiencing aches and pains ... that's a very good thing.

The outside weather is beginning to cool down a bit too. What a relief! When I talk to other folks who live up here they say the same thing: It's just not right for it to be so hot this early in the year.

We've been waiting for a rainstorm for days and still hope that one will arrive soon. Despite the incredible dryness our woods looks lush and green. We sat out on the deck today and watched the hummers buzzing each other, swinging up and down through the air like a carnival ride. One hummingbird actually swooped the cat repeatedly (not wise, not wise at all).

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