Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Temps Down, Spirits Up

Hurrah! Rain. Hurrah! Noticeable improvements in my health.

Our super-hot spring came to an abrupt halt this afternoon when an impressive rain storm thundered into our area. From highs in the 80s we slip-slided away to the high 50s. And the rain, the rain was glorious! Frances reports that much of our driveway washed downhill. Today's rain is the first drenching of the year and I am pleased.

As for health issues, I did relent and see an MD this morning after last night's temperature reading of 102. I was informed there's a virus going around and I was not the first to show up at the clinic with these symtoms.

Just like the weather temps my own temperature plunged to 98.6 after my doctor's visit. I'm feeling less anxious and more impatient now since my aches and pains, low appetite, and cough have graced my days for over a week and I'm tremendously worn down.

Today's TCC practice felt good as I moved myself to the rhythm of the rain and the gloom of the skies. I realized that in previous years when I felt ill I often abandoned my TCC practice until I felt better. This time around, though, I did things differently. I didn't always get completely through my practice but everyday I spent at least 15-20 minutes. Some days that was about the only movement I did--along with a wee bit of walking--before I was back in bed asleep.

TCC practice gave me a feedback mechanism to experience how my body felt as it weakened and how sensations changed as it began to rebound. I'm the first to admit: engaging in a TCC practice when you feel sick is difficult, but I'm so glad that I did....

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