Friday, May 21, 2010


The day is gathered into waiting. A thicket of clouds covers the heavens; there's a hushed grey quiet settling over the landscape. It seems as though rain is inevitable tonight since the atmosphere has been in preparation all day long.

My tiredness continued today. Methinks I overdid it this week with two out-of-town trips and more. I've scaled back my schedule significantly since the heart disease diagnosis in March. I wear out quickly, sleep more, and feel exhausted after what used to be just one tiny segment of a too-full day.

My low back and upper back are currently so painful that I've resorted to taking aspirin which I seldom do for body aches. After my most-recent dose I quickly dove into my t'ai chi chih practice. It felt goooood. My practice went by quickly and now, I'm rejuvenated.

The yard is filling with colorful flowers after several trips to greenhouses and nurseries. Today Frances planted salmon begonias alongside red-orange-yellow nasturtiums, a bucket of purple-wave petunias (which look pink), honeysuckle, and so much more I can't remember the names. More beauty unfolds with each passing day....

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