Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Hunt ...

It's springtime green again! When we went to bed, snow camouflaged all burgeoning life beneath its full-length white overcoat. When we woke, green grass and leaves and pink tulips, yellow daffoldils, and blue forget-me-nots had shed their wintry wrap and everyone nodded a colorful "good morning."

Today's temps were back in the upper 40s and plants seemed grateful for the unexpected moisture. Sure enough the snow turned into liquid. And ... we needed moisture, didn't we?

I practiced t'ai chi chih moving meditation outside on the deck this afternoon while the geese hunted for green edibles in the south ravine, a chipmunk hunted sunflower seeds beneath the bird feeder, and the kitten hunted the chipmunk. Me? I hunted for softness, relaxation, and Chi energy as I slowly moved through the TCC form.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I've thought often of my own mother during this past week. Last Sunday was the fifth anniversary of Mother's death and it's hard to believe that so many years have passed so quickly.

The compilers of The Mystic Vision include excerpts characterizing the divine mother during the month of May. Today's reading is wonderfully graphic:
My Mother is both within and without this phenomenal world ... Giving birth to the world she lives within it. She is the Spider and the world is the Spider's web she has woven ... The Spider brings the web out of herself and then lives in it.
          --The Gospel of Ramakrishna
             Sri Ramakrishna
Happy Mother's Day to all women who spin webs of life and light for all children and creatures of the Earth!

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