Saturday, May 22, 2010

In the Middle of Beauty

My body is whacked out. Blood sugars are high; back, spine, and shoulders are sore and rigid; and I have an unidentified cough that won't go away. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat or how often I test as blood sugars are always high. I'm in a conundrum ... what is happening to me? So far, I'm clueless.

I'm keeping to my exercise schedule the best I can. Today's walk was at a greatly reduced pace. Today's t'ai chi chih practice was also cut back to allow me to sit down and rest. I feel concern but I also realize that I have some healthy habits in place that continue to help me through the uncertainities of whatever is changing in my body.

After a long nap this afternoon I practiced TCC in the midst of sun-dappled leaves. The quiet green surroundings help me to slow down and also bring comfort my mind. Here I am--now--in the middle of beauty.

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