Saturday, May 15, 2010

May it be Delightful ...

During this evening's TCC practice I found myself drawn to the pool of blue that lay at the base of the ravine south of our house. No, it's not water. Nor is it a miraculous reflection of the sky. It's a wild splash of forget-me-nots that migrated down the ravine and clumped into riotous beauty next to several large rocks settled into the fertile soil.

After a sun-kissed day, part of which was spent in the garden, I migrated to the deck in early evening to practice TCC as the temperatures glided down to the upper 40s. My body was warm, my hands, increasingly cold.

Undisturbed by insects I floated through practice as rose-breasted grosbeaks, purple finches, and a hairy woodpecker competed for the bird feeder. When I sneezed loudly, it set off a cascade of response. A red squirrel dashed away from the feeder and into a nearby tree already inhabited by another red squirrel. The resident squirrel fled higher then retreated downward to scare off the invader. That began a game of scramble and chase that skipped from one tree to the next.

Throughout the ruckus I calmly watched, listened, and moved softly and slowly. Nothing to do and nowhere to go. Just moving with glad appreciation for the moment....
May it be delightful my house;
From my head may it be delightful,
To my feet may it be delightful,
Where I lie may it be delightful,
All above me may it be delightful,
All around me may it be delightful.
          Navajo Chant
          From: Earth Prayers

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