Saturday, May 29, 2010

Slow, Steady, Soft ... Embracing the Moment

It's another awesome day! The cat and dog decided to spend their day outdoors, thank you very much. I'm washing dishes, washing dishes, and washing more dishes.

My brain seems to be on pause today. I think I'll leave it that way....

A midafternoon TCC practice on the deck flew by. I realized that I can no longer see Lake Superior due to leaves expanding into my view. We won't be able to see the Big Lake again until after the leaves fall. I miss that distant cool blue sight. Now I understand why lake view homes are more expensive. There is something about seeing the lake from afar that brings you a sense of its power and majesty. Of course, riding its wavy surface gives you even greater sensory experience.

No big ah ha moments during today's practice. Just a nice slow, steady, soft embrace of the moment.

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