Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Evening Glow

After a generous rain I walked down the drive early this morning marveling at the light that shone from the vibrant green leaves all around me. The humidity is gone! Today was a slightly breezy, glowing with health spring day.

In addition, my body is beginning to heal. Yesterday I proudly commented to Frances that I knew I was getting better because I only took two naps. She laughed. Today I took one. To me the shortening nap times are huge signs of progress.

During this evening's TCC practice I marveled at the way I flowed through the form. Oh, it is so much easier to practice when the majority of muscle aches are gone.

And, with a mostly-disappeared headache, I can think again! As someone who has struggled to put a few words together for this blog over the past week of sickness--Anyone notice how short my blogs were?--it is a hugh relief to have brainpower AND bodypower again, reduced though they may be.

TCC practice tonight felt stable and effortless which was a distinct difference from the practices I performed during the height of this illness. Now the sky is filled with rosy pink clouds as the sun dips its head into the distant horizon and reflects its light back into the evening sky.

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