Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Yep. More glory today: tremendous sunshine flowed through azure blue skies and low humidity air. It was so beautiful that we couldn't resist taking an evening walk with Namaste on Bayview beach.

Since the water is low this year there were areas where small sandbars were forming near shore. When I waded out through ankle deep water onto several of these bars, the water was so warm (for Lake Superior!) that the thought of swimming crossed my mind. That's pretty radical for this time of year....

I feel better and better with each passing day. Tonight's TCC practice was conducted indoors as dusk fell. I avoided the swarm of mosquitoes around my ankles by staying inside. Interestingly, as my headaches abate my mind--which couldn't contain thoughts during my week of pain--is now up and running. During tonight's practice I felt as if mind was making up for lost time because there were moments of intense Monkey Mind busyness.

A former student called today to ask for a tune-up session. She's been practicing on her own for four or five years. When she recently watched the Stone video, she noticed discrepancies between her practice and that depicted on-screen. She deduced that she may have fallen into some bad habits. Welcome to the club.

It's gratifying to have students who are committed to practicing TCC correctly. As refinements are made the door opens to greater energy flow and the potential for additional positive life changes. That's true for students and teachers alike.

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