Monday, May 17, 2010

Ego Shows Her Raggedy Head

I moved in a fairy land this morning during my t'ai chi chih practice on the deck. A bird choir serenaded me from every direction and, other than their song, it was perfectly quiet. Though a few squirrels raced through the forest and up and down trees there was little movement.

Eventually, near the end of my practice a woodpecker visited the bird feeder. Woodpeckers love to come to the feeder and brush the sunflower seeds off onto the ground below. They are so intent on their duties, in fact, that it sometimes feels as if that's their mission.

One hummingbird finally flew to his/her feeder, too. I was relieved to see this since Frances told me that she'd been buzzed by the hummingbirds when she took in the feeders last night. It appeared that they didn't want their food source removed. But it was either take the bird feed in for the night ourselves or risk a black bear visitation last night which would certainly have removed the seeds and nectar permanently.

I practiced on the southeast corner of the house and, as the sun reached me, I saw my twin self moving along the cedar siding on the house. Huh, I thought, she/I has/have a tuft of hair sticking out from her/my neck in the back. Oh, that cowlick will never settle down.

Yep, that good old ego may disappear on occasion but she is never gone for long. Even in the midst of a wonderful TCC practice ego raises her head, hair shooting in every direction. I had to smile when I realized how ridiculous it was for me to worry about whether a small shock of hair stuck out in an inappropriate direction.... But that is, afterall, what it's like to live with your selves....

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