Friday, October 29, 2010


A bright rosy sun crowned the horizon this morning. Now, hours later, the sky is packed with clouds; occasional shifting shades of blue peak through. The water in the goose pail froze last night. Ready or not, we're back in the cold weather mode.

Frances and I watched Chiripa playing in a tree this morning. I couldn't take my eyes off of her! She was so engaged in her play, biting at small twigs as she worked her way ever higher, that I wondered whether she'd manage to descend when the time came. It was readily apparent, however, that she's honed her skills to an art form. When the time came to de-tree, she handled her descent with quick agility. Ms. Light on Her Feet, that's our kitten!

Today's TCC practice flew by even though my knee felt sore. I focused my attention on softening the knees and allowed the weight to flow forward and back with ease and comfort. The weight shift cycled back and forth with surprisingly little effort. Yes, that can happen when you allow rather than force. Why, then, is it so challenging to remember this one basic principle? (Perhaps because it's a cultural norm to force rather than allow?)

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