Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Fall came crashing to an end last night. Literally and figuratively.

Initially the winds picked up and the temperature plummeted. Around midnight Frances and I heard a loud crash. Our outdoor investigation revealed that a tree plunged earthward and fell--heavily--upon Frances' car. It crushed the roof and smashed the rear window and the rear passenger-side window.

With morning came 25 degree temps along with sleet and snow. We had no accumulation. Duluth, MN--according to radio reports--received seven inches of the white stuff.

Part of today's duties included chainsawing the fallen tree, schlepping and stacking it, and picking up shattered glass. We cleared the driveway to allow me to drive to tonight's TCC class.

Group T'ai Chi Chih was wonderfully quiet and peaceful. After practice I asked students to divide into pairs and discuss polarity. What is it? Can you feel it? How does it feel in your body? In which movements is it most obvious? Et cetera. Everyone immediately launched into their discussions which was inspiring to witness.

I'm back home and extremely grateful that we experienced no other wind damage from this historic low pressure system. Our house, our animals, and our selves are healthy, well, and in one piece. Our electricity is functioning. And, for the moment, our ground is still dirt- and leaf-covered.

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