Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feeling Better

It was another breathtakingly beautiful fall day in the Northland. During our morning walk Frances and I strode beneath color-filled trees as they released (or "pushed") their leaves down to the roadway.

I attempted T'ai Chi Chih three separate times during my day. First, I practiced for 10 minutes on our sunshiny deck in 78 degree heat before I rushed off to work. It felt fabulous. Next, I moved outside on the balcony at the Washburn Cultural Center before my first TCC class session of the fall season began. And, finally, my entire class joined me on the balcony for a full practice session. The skyline turned rosy behind me as we slowly, quietly moved through the form.

Each time I practice TCC, even if it's only for a few minutes, I feel better. My nervous system settles down. My breathing deepens. I feel a sense of calm surround me.

Several students mentioned after class that they were glad to be back in TCC class again. One student acknowledged that she really misses it if she doesn't practice for a day. She discovered that TCC practice has eased the pain of arthritis in her chest. Plus, she said, her body just feels better when she does it.

Yep. It's wonderfully affirming to hear others talk about the benefits they receive from their TCC practice. For each of us it brings slightly different benefits but one thing we can all agree upon: We feel better....

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