Friday, October 15, 2010

Catch Up

Today was catch-up day. I pushed myself beyond my limits these last few weeks and, in desperate need of a break, I took time today to rest, nap, read, and recover some energy. Late in the day I practiced TCC on the deck followed by a short bike ride. Yes, I feel better!

During my practice I heard cars driving by on the road a quarter mile down the hill from our house. Now that the trees are leafless there is no noise barrier which means that sounds travel easily across long distances. Until the snow falls and creates a cushion across the landscape to temper the noise we'll hear more of the activities occurring around us.

TCC practice got me moving again. And, as I moved, I watched Chiripa hunting and stalking in the south ravine. She made a dramatic show of hunting quarry with no obvious quarry in sight. When she tired of this game, she positioned herself on a rock, wrapped her tail around her body, and struck a statuesque pose. What a beautiful cat!

Heavy midnight blue clouds dissipated during the day and our evening skies are clear and bright. A thick layer of blue rests upon the lake waters and a pinkish-purple haze colors the distant sky....

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