Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Girl Who Circled the Chi

Frances and I took a late afternoon walk on the beach just as the sun descended into the cloudy horizon. It was absolutely beautiful: warm, quiet, waves washing the shore, no people, just lakeshore whooshing and whispers and sunlight sifting through trees and glancing off sand and water.

We drove the tree-damaged car to the beach and, other than the fact that air rushed through the glass-less rear windshield and rear passenger window, it ran as well as it usually does (perhaps moreso because its appearance stood in stark contrast to its functionality).

My mid-evening TCC practice felt relaxed and at ease after a day with my nose stuck in a book. Hurrah, I'm finished with The Girl ... series! It felt wonderful to go and flow, cycle and circle, soften and soak in. Now everything feels easy as I settle down for an evening movie and then prepare myself for a busy week ahead.

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