Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sparkling Skies

I wrote yesterday's blog entry while I was in a low blood sugar. I discovered that later, of course, after I'd published and printed the blog. Frances asked me what my writing is like when I'm low. I couldn't answer her because my brain doesn't function well in the insulin reaction mode and I wasn't really sure.

Today was another ideal fall day. A perfect morning to attend the Farmers' Market and buy some squash and fresh-baked bread. After we returned home I caulked cracks and gaps in the siding on the south side of the house while Frances repaired the front step.

During a break I delved into my TCC practice since the sun was still warm and sparkling through bared tree trunks and branches. I didn't feel well during my practice (I'd just been through another low blood sugar and for some reason my stomach hurt). Eventually I decided to skip several movements and lie down for a nap. An hour or so later I was back up and running.

Each full-skied day I drink in the light, warmth, and wide open skies with as much determination and intensity as I can muster. Soon the days will darken and the sky will clog with clouds for days and weeks at a time. Until that time I'll imprint the memories of these days in my mind and heart to carry me through the coming long, dark nights and short, cold days....

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