Sunday, October 24, 2010

TCC: T'ai Cold Coin

It has been a long, dark, rainy day. The rain fell continuously morning 'til night so it's been quite a challenge to boost the dog and cat outdoors. The geese, of course, are lovin' it.

I continue to fend off this cold or virus; first my throat is sore, then it's not, then it's sore again. My sister reminded me in a telephone conversation last night about a gift she gave me last year: the Cold Coin. She bought it at Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment and mailed it to me immediately after she heard that I was down and out for almost a month last fall.

I clipped the Cold Coin on my shirt and wore it while I slept last night and all day today and believe that I'm feeling better! Evidentally, the Cold Coin helps ionize the body to prevent colds and congestion. (Don't ask me how!?!)

I'm following all of my previous health care initiatives, including drinking lots of water and eating lots of veggies. And, it goes without saying that I do my daily T'ai Chi Chih practice (and I typically feel better immediately afterward). I ate several doses of Hen in the Woods wild mushrooms today too. I'm of the opinion that I can never do too much to take good care of myself!

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