Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A momentary pause ...

Today's abbreviated TCC practice was breezier than yesterday's calm stillness. Three of five lavender plants blew from the railing to the deck floor, leaves flicked by, and our filthy white cat--she adores to bathe herself in dirt numerous times throughout the day--dispassionately watched a leaf bounce onto the deck beside her before she calmly resumed one of many tongue baths.

I practiced TCC for 20 minutes between cooking and cleaning. Friends arrive in Bayfield late this afternoon and while Frances will see them tonight and in the AM they won't catch up with me until lunch tomorrow due to my teaching schedule.

The day is bright with sunshine. After I flowed through practice I sat on the deck for 10 minutes and soaked in energy and warmth before continuing with chores and preparations for tonight's TCC class. The momentary pause was delightful and I look forward to another 45 minute TCC practice with students several hours from now.

The yellow popple leaves atop two trees outside my office window are glowing and flashing with golden light. And the dance and downward drift of fall continues ...

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