Sunday, October 10, 2010

Caulking, Cooking, Listening, Looking

Today I caulked and cooked. At the moment Frances is engaged in staining the siding on the south side of the house. Hopefully it will cover the cracks, nail holes, and gaps we filled yesterday and today.

When I tired of standing in the kitchen and standing and climbing a ladder on the deck, I resorted to standing in Resting Position and going through the TCC movements. The trees are almost bare of leaves which means that I can now see Lake Superior without too much impediment. The lake's shiny blue-grey surface resembles a layer of sheet metal that continues toward the horizon in one continuous uninterrupted sheet.

During my practice is was so quiet I could hear the leaves fall. Occasionally a leaf fell silently but more often it bounced "loudly" off branch or trunk and landed on the ground with a distinct rustle. It didn't take much of a breeze to set leaves a-flying and I enjoyed watching their graceful, flowing dance from sky to earth.

At the very end of practice I heard an owl hooting deep in the forest. Its call was entrancing and too beautiful for words....

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