Monday, October 11, 2010

Cat Feet

In order to take our morning walk today Frances and I snuck out of the yard by walking like our cat. I tiptoed, Frances trod softly. In fact, it was the cat that we wanted to avoid. She'd already walked down the driveway earlier in the morning with Namaste and me and I didn't want to be responsible for encouraging her wide-ranging habits while Frances and I ventured beyond the end of our drive.

It wasn't long before Frances noticed a salamander walking slowly along the asphalt road. It was similar to ones we've seen in our basement but this critter was black with yellow spots along each side and it was bigger than the blue spotted newts we've spotted downstairs.

We turned onto the gravel road nearby where an employee of the town drove road equipment up one side and down the other leveling the roadway. Frances noticed pieces of a poplar tree lying in the soon-to-be-smoothed pile of dirt in the middle of the road, quickly grabbed them, and threw them into the ditch. I followed suit with another smaller branch. When we looked behind us, the roadway was beautifully flat and smooth.

After we returned home I joined the geese for my TCC practice. Both Ander and Lucy appeared to be sound asleep, their necks twisted around, beaks resting comfortably beneath wing feathers. It was 60ish and sunny ... another excellent fall day. The cat retired to a lawn chair and took a leisurely bath while I moved through the form.

All was quiet.... I heard a slight shiver of leaves on their branches, the sound hissing through the forest canopy. Once I reached my place of peace I headed off to work. I felt relaxed, at ease, and ready to go.

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