Friday, October 1, 2010

A Golden Glow that Fills the Soul

I awoke to a blaze of glory this morning. Sunlight reflected off yellow leaves, each leaf glowing like a miniature sun suspended from its hallowed tree.

Late this afternoon, after rainfall and clouds dulled the sky, the golden glow was absorbing, magnificent. During my TCC practice the vibrant colors invited me into the mesmerizing, fluorescent scene and I felt enlivened and somehow restored by their beauty and energy.

I'm purposefully soaking in this awe-inspiring beauty because I know that soon a heavy rain and strong winds will whisk these leaves away and my color-filled yard will convert to a stark, naked landscape. Frances heard on the radio recently that trees actually push their leaves off when it's clear that they're no longer useful for capturing sunlight and converting it into nutrition. That's a entirely different way of looking at fall. And interesting.

Tomorrow I head downtown to work at the library during Apple Fest. It helps me to quiet and fill myself with the beauty of this area before I travel into the hustle-bustle, traffic, and crowds that are so uncharacteristic of Bayfield during any other weekend of the year.

Right now, in this moment, I'm basking in this precious golden glow.

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