Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm tired. The brain just doesn't want to work anymore this afternoon so you, my readers, will suffer the consequences....

As Frances prepares dinner (frying up oyster mushrooms she found on a downed poplar tree) I write my blog. And I'm ready to call the day done.

Our TCC gathering this morning drew a select few. I soon realized that I--and I assume all of us--come to depend upon the established regimen and setting where we normally meet and practice T'ai Chi Chih. As soon as we add different people or a new location there are adjustments to make.

That's all good. In fact, that's part of the purpose of T'ai Chi Chih practice: to learn how to go with the flow and easily adapt to whatever happens in any particular moment.

So it goes. In two weeks our summer session begins and we'll have a whole new configuration of students (some seasonal residents who live here during warmer months only). Plus we'll practice outside--weather permitting--and outdoor practices typically require flexibility and adaptability to cope with weather, noise, and uneven terrain underfoot.

Summer is almost here (today, though, I wore multiple layers of clothes to accommodate temps in the high 40s/low 50s)! I received news that my friend and fellow TCC teacher, Anna, is healing. She's already engaged in TCC practice (seated/standing) and that, I'm sure, will speed her recovery. Tired or not, all is well with the world....

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