Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lights Out! ... Inner Light On! ...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011:

Perfection. That's the word for this day. Low humidity, light breeze, and sunny effervescence.

I spent most of the afternoon scooting from errand to errand; to Bayfield, Washburn, and back again. By the time I returned home late in the day I walked into the house and--snap!--the lights went out and the appliances shut down. We'd lost our electrical power.

Four or five phone calls later I'd reached no one at the electric company. I was quickly losing patience and getting grumpy. A few more calls to adjoining neighbors confirmed that the lights out situation was our problem alone.

What better time for a T'ai Chi Chih practice than NOW? True enough. The break from frustrated thoughts and feelings was the perfect solution. Now I'm relaxed and unconcerned about whether our lights and electricity are restored this evening or tomorrow....

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