Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monkey Mind at Rest

I woke today with a headache lodged in my forehead and crown. First Frances did some massage on my neck and jaw. Some improvement. Then I drank coffee in hopes the caffeine could help. Next I practiced T'ai Chi Chih. I know from experience that Light at the Top of the Head/Light at the Temples can heal headaches. No luck.

I had a strong feeling that I needed to take a walk. Before heading out the door, though, one of our visitors offered me some energy work. Her diagnosis? There was too much energy in my head. It was just too darn busy up there. She suggested I work on grounding and rooting myself. A slow, meditative walk would be just the thing.

I left my partner and house guests behind and headed off down the drive. The walk was magical. And I realized that my sensitive introverted self really needed time and space to myself. I've been too busy, too overscheduled, and too overpeopled. I simply needed some Me time.

On my walk I spotted tiny fawn footprints in the dirt roadway. I watched two butterflies resting and fluttering and overlapping wings on the ground at my feet. I sniffed the sweet nectar of two pink-white clover blossoms. And I picked gorgeous dandelion seed heads that I brought home to create a bouquet. I know. It sounds weird. But, in combination with seed heads from the pasque flower, the centerpiece looks gorgeous.

We have a small gathering scheduled for this afternoon/evening to introduce our out-of-town friends to some of the locals. So my TCC practice, walk, energy work, massage, and time in nature were collaborative efforts to heal me of my busyness and bring me into the moment.

Sometimes it requires a range of modalities to attract peace and quiet into my life. For the moment, anyway, Monkey Mind is taking a rest.

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