Friday, June 3, 2011

This Breath

My morning T'ai Chi Chih practice began inside, moved outside, then returned inside. I started in the house because I assumed a multitude of biting insects were circulating in the greater outdoors. Then ... it looked so beautiful outside I couldn't contain myself. Halfway through Bass Drum, I moved outdoors to become one with the beauty of the woods (and to join my nearby goose and chicken companions).

Almost immediately my feathered friends moved elsewhere. And soon I was surrounded by mosquitoes and black flies who exhibited absolutely no shyness about landing and biting. I changed my mind again.

Back inside I had a bug-free practice but I missed the sunshine and animals, birds and plants. After practice I ventured into the yard to pick flowers: bleeding hearts, lungwort, and narcissus created a fabulous pink and white bouquet. Ahhh. Beauty outside and in.

In recent weeks I find myself struggling with how to center into my TCC practice. It feels like my life moves too fast. A day passes so quickly that I'm barely out of bed before I'm back in again. I assume that I'm experiencing the aging process. If that's true, it's essential that I become present to each moment rather than allowing myself to be distracted by the day-to-day busyness/business.

What really matters? I ask myself. Now. Today. This moment. This beauty. This peace. This breath.

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