Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Love with Life

An inch of rain flowed from heaven to earth last night; consequently Emil Road was a blank page this morning. The only words written on its surface were those contributed by various "authors" who passed across it this morning: a smallish bear, one wolf or coyote, three or four deer who walked straight across and several who weaved back and forth in a semi-circular pattern, ... me.

Oh, it's another glorious day. Rain washed, bright, and shiny. I ate my breakfast on the deck. Afterwards I spontaneously stood and quietly whispered my gratitude to the Universe for the beauty and abundance of the plants and animals, flowers, trees, grasses, earth, and sky that shelter and nurture me.

During T'ai Chi Chih practice Lucy walked around the house from north to south to be present with me as I moved. Frances deposited Chickie by the deck and she immediately cocked her feathered face in my direction, one dark eye watching me.

I sat on a stool for my practice. My focus today? To observe how my t'an t'ien moves, forward and back, up and down, like a bellows pushing in and out. When I paused between movements (Resting Position), I imagined roots extending down from the bottoms of my feet into the earth and next, a golden cord extending up from the top of my head into the sky.

After I felt directly connected from above and below, I brought my attention back to my body. Now I focused my intention on becoming a human bridge between earth and sky. And then ... I relaxed into the feeling of energy flowing through my body. Delightful!

I feel better today. Lighter. More hopeful. More in love with life....

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