Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My personal copy of Justin Stone's T'ai Chi Chih! Joy thru Movement returned to me in the mail today. I loaned it to a student during spring class sessions to help her become more familiar with the form and to aid in her practice. When class concluded, she couldn't locate the DVD.

During a phone conversation my student mentioned to me that she never lost things. In fact, she said, she typically found lost items for other people. I immediately thought: There's a reason this DVD was misplaced. She'll order a new copy of Stone's instructional video and then find my loaner copy.

Sure enough. My copy of the DVD was enclosed in the envelope along with a brief note which confirmed that once she ordered the replacement DVD she found the original.

The Universe works in interesting ways....

I split my practice in two today. Ten minutes of practice before work and twenty minutes after work. It was appropriate. Just enough practice pre-work to settle me into a quiet, relaxed state. By the time I returned to my practice this evening the rain tumbled from the sky and a flood of energy circulated through my palms as I moved.

My boss, who recently returned from a 10-day Centering Prayer retreat, told me today that she spends at least half an hour each day immersed in her Centering Prayer practice. Wow, she exclaimed, just think how different the world would be if every person spent 30 minutes a day in prayer or meditation.

I know, I thought, Justin Stone has counseled his teachers and students about the transformational power of a 30-minute-a-day T'ai Chi Chih practice for years. The world, he tells us, would be a peaceful place. I'm positive that my boss would agree.

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