Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Left-Handed Toothbrushing then TCC Practice?

I purposefully chose to practice T'ai Chi Chih before I went to work at the library today with good reason: Wednesday mornings are crazily busy due to a kids' story hour, delivery of off-site interlibrary loan materials, and kids and moms returning--and then checking out--stacks of books.

My moving meditation practice helped. I stayed calmer than I usually do in the midst of so much chaos. And ... I reminded myself that it was okay to move slowly and deliberately (my patrons may not appreciate the fact that I took my time but I certainly felt better!).

I had a wonderful early morning TCC practice on the deck. Sunshine. Light breeze. Few bugs. Lucy watching from her roost at the northeast corner of the house. Total calm and silence. The peacefulness inspired me to return to an early morning practice. If I start my day with moving meditation practice before the phone starts to ring and tasks start to mount, I'll likely find it easier to get into the flow and stay out of the Monkey Mindedness that accumulates as the day progresses.

I'm in the midst of an experiment based on a course description I read last week entitled, "Discover the Neuroscience of Your Everyday Life." The professor, Sam Wang, offered this tip to help you stick to a health regiment: brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand for two weeks. Wang noted that this tunes your brain and leads to a measurable increase in your willpower capacity. People who do this are then able to follow a diet or exercise program better.

That last sentence is signficant. I already see improvements in my walking regimen. So now's the time to take another positive step. Tomorrow I'll have the aid of my TCC class as we meet for a between-session morning TCC practice and potluck. And then ... ?

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