Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Background Noise

My evening T'ai Chi Chih movements were practiced to the accompaniment of Namaste as he barked without ceasing outside the front door. In his regular nightly warning to all wild creatures moving through the woods he announced, and I paraphrase: This is my property! No one allowed on these premises! No exceptions!

Of course it didn't take me long to relegate his nonstop barking to background noise as I moved quietly through my practice. My movements were practiced to the tune of this refrain: Relax. Release. Slow down. And, by practice end, I did succeed with this prescription.

As I sat before my computer to write my blog Namaste came huffing into the room with a loud, exaggerated, and self-satisfied tone to his exhalations. He, too, achieved his evening's goal.

Now as I type, he's stretched out on the floor in a deep, restful sleep. It's inspiring. And soon, very soon, I'll join him in this ultimate state of relaxation....

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