Friday, June 10, 2011

Life's Simplest Pleasures

I've been grumpy the last several days. Why? I'm tired. It's obvious that I've pushed myself too hard. How do I know? I become impatient, critical, and short-tempered.

Today was my final day of extra work hours (I've covered hours for two co-workers over the past three weeks). To celebrate, when I returned home, I took a nap. Then I did my T'ai Chi Chih practice. Guess what? I felt better.

I started my TCC practice inside the house because I've been C-O-L-D over the past several days. (Example: today's high was predicted for 50 degrees.) Then I heard Ms. Lucy honking. I decided to move onto the deck to keep her company. The poor goose still goes through days when she misses Ander and she lets us know by honking repeatedly.

It was cool outside--45 degrees--but I focused on the scenery, on Lucy, and on relaxing into my practice. Soon I wasn't even aware of the chill. Lucy watched me practice for a time and then started to groom. At one point she extended a leg backward and opened her wing into a beautiful fan. That was a beautiful moment.

During my movements I enjoyed my comradeship with Lucy, the quiet, and the abundant greenery. My mind emptied. My heart filled. And my practice ended.

Afterward Frances took me on a walk through our gardens and showed me the planting she's done while I've been working. As we walked further into the woods I found a stand of horsetail and picked a bunch for Lucy. I fed it to her as Frances and I watched her eat.

What a joy to observe our goose happily crunching away at her pile of greens! And how wonderful it feels to be thoroughly entertained by life's simplest pleasures....

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