Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The beauty and abundance of each day....

I let the goose and chicken out of their barn and the dog, cat, and myself out of the house by 7:00 this morning. It felt great to be released into the woods. Everyone scrambled for food, water, and exercise (myself included).

While I practiced T'ai Chi Chih on the deck the chicken grazed through the tall weeds and grasses in the south ravine, the cat hunted beneath the deck, the dog barked (his morning notice to all wild creatures to keep their distance), and the goose hunkered down and honked by the northeast corner of the house.

Meanwhile, of course, the birds sang gloriously. In the morning coolness (50 degrees) I peered into the dark woods (I can't see very far into the woods anymore because of all the leafyness), felt occasional rain drops on my skin, drank in the beauty of the blossoms on the dogwood tree, and slid lightly through my movements.

Yes, morning is a wonderful time to practice TCC. It's a great beginning to the day and I can now move gracefully into the beauty and abundance of my day....

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