Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ah, peace....

The wind finally died down late this afternoon. In the meantime, branches and power lines and who knows what else fell to earth over the past few days. One of my co-workers mentioned that she and a daughter saw a sparkling tree last night. When the daughter stopped later to take a photo, she realized that a downed power line caused the tree to spark.

It's a relief to be wind-free. Tonight I did my T'ai Chi Chih practice on the porch in perfect quiet. Total stillness. I looked out into the woods and saw every shade of brilliant green looking back at me. It was heavenly.

While I was at work my back and legs ached. As soon as I arrived home I lay down on the Chi and Hot House machines. I immediately felt better. The T'ai Chi Chih practice added to my feelings of relaxation and comfort.

And now I'm in for a quiet night of peacefulness (i.e., no wind, no thunder, no lightning, and no pouring rain). Ah, peace....

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