Friday, June 24, 2011

Giving Thanks Again ... and Again

Sunshine! Clear skies! Warmer temps! It feels like summer has returned? arrived? begun?

The soft earth beneath our feet yielded fabulous footprints during today's walk: wolf (on our driveway!), fawn, and mama deer. Today I observed Chickie as she tried to produce an egg. This would be her first egg since she joined our family several months ago. No results as of yet.

The hummingbirds disappeared during the past week. Are they busy attending to their young? Have they found other sources of nourishment? Did we inadvertently chase them away? Amazingly, after Frances put out their feeders today we caught a few glimpses and heard a few familiar buzzes.

I practiced T'ai Chi Chih on the deck in the afternoon's receding sunlight. It felt infinitely relaxing: no where to go, no thing to do, no one to be.

I am deeply grateful that I have time to experience, relish, and immerse myself in the quiet harmony of this wooded land I call home. T'ai Chi Chih practice helps me to notice, appreciate, and express gratitude for the blessings all around me. And ... I give thanks. Again. And again.

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