Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's Loverly....

Though the day started out cool--oh, let's get real ... freezing!--it's now splendid. The leaves have grown to their mature size. I can tell because we now live in the midst of a well-shaded plot of land. The sun shines brightly but its sunbeams barely touch the earth because of our abundant tree cover.

I practiced T'ai Chi Chih in mid-afternoon after the temperatures climbed over 60. It was absolutely beautiful to move within the shelter of this sun-dappled universe. Midway through practice I noticed a dragonfly landing on the tip of a bright pink lupine that grew on the edge of our garden. It sat, then flew away, returned, and sat again. Over and over.

Once my practice was done I walked over to the lupine to determine what its particular appeal was for that dragonfly. I couldn't figure it out. Still, I don't blame that dragonfly for wanting to be as close as possible to the vibrant beauty of this northwoods wildflower.

I'm busy cooking and cleaning today as we have guests arriving midweek. We leave on Friday for a weekend wedding. And next Wednesday we'll prepare brunch for the newlyweds who happen to be honeymooning on the Bayfield pennisula. The summer tourist season--for our location and others in the northland--has arrived!

After TCC practice I walked around the house looking for Chickie. She wasn't in any of her usual roosting spots. As I turned the corner to the north end of the house I spotted her sitting within 25 feet of Lucy. She could have settled anywhere but she chose to sit near the goose; obviously both of our feathered friends appreciate companionship.

Tonight's movie night with two friends. We plan to watch Pray the Devil Back to Hell, a documentary about women in Liberia--Muslim and Christian, rich and poor, urban and rural--who worked to bring peace to their war-torn country. I'm looking for inspiration in my life and it sounds like this movie is just the thing! Summer solstice arrives in less than two weeks!

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