Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Colorful Afternoon

The beauty of this day is simply profound. I could merely relax and enjoy the beauty but, I admit, I'm engaged in the busyness that comes prior to the arrival of overnight guests, a party we host Thursday night, and our own out-of-town trip next weekend.

Today is laundry day. And, as I practiced T'ai Chi Chih on the deck, I enjoyed looking into the woods at the colorful clothes that hung on a line. Oranges, maroons, purples, and deep pinks ran down the line in a gorgeous stream of color that was perfectly complemented by woodland greens. Hey, even wet clothes can be beautiful.

A poppy blossomed bright orange today and our purple irises are opening too. As our blue forget-me-nots go to seed yellow buttercups sprinkle themselves generously amid tall grasses and weeds.

I sprayed myself liberally with natural bug spray in order to practice outside. Then I took to the deck. After some initial "day of rest" sounds (Frances running the chainsaw and a neighbor backing up a beeping vehicle) I settled into a deeply calm and quiet practice.

These daily doses of silence, along with my own disinterest in radio programs and movies, are filling my spirit with just what it craves: deep peace. I am grateful.

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