Friday, January 6, 2012

Grace and Flow ... Where did you go?

Look in thy heart,
and Write.
So sayeth Sir Philip Sydney in this section of my journal where I've turned the page to write my blog. Frances is composing emails on the computer and, since I'm an "early is better" (a.k.a., "early to bed'er"), I'm handwriting my blog while thoughts are fresh and before I'm overcome by tiredness.

Today was overfull with phone calling, wood splitting and stacking, and editing. I spoke with several potential T'ai Chi Chih students and, by day's end, I received an email informing me that two of my three winter TCC classes are set to begin on Wednesday; one class still needs two registrations to qualify as a "go."

I worked really hard and spent hours on the phone and writing emails to recruit students and now ... "Whatever will be, will be...."

Today was yet another beautiful, warm, sunny day. Dark splotches of earth are emerging as the snow melts. I worked outside in shirt sleeves today--probably a first-ever experience for the month of January after having lived my entire life in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

I practiced TCC in front of a dark bedroom window tonight and looked--to my mind--a little wobbly. My back is sore after several days of hauling wood so that may account for the less than graceful movements.

It's time for me to practice with the Albuquerque teachers on Justin Stone's DVD just to get my body and head back on track (or in the flow). And then--then--I'll be ready to teach another beginning TCC class mid-week.

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