Wednesday, January 11, 2012

T'ai Chi Chih to the Rescue

Winter is settling in once again. As temperatures begin to fall, so does the snow. Rain dripped and dropped from the sky earlier in the day, then transitioned to sleet, and finally, snow. It's grey and overcast; the dog and cat--evidentally--have decided to spend the day napping. (Yes, it looks appealing.)

Tonight I teach two T'ai Chi Chih classes. It's been a year since I taught a beginning class and I feel a bit nervous. What to do? Practice T'ai Chi Chih. I did a ten minute practice before I left home to drive to class. I'll likely do another short practice before my first class begins at 5:30. All told, I'll be moving in slow-flow motion for at least one-and-a-half to two hours today.

It's all good.

I got lost in the woods this morning and felt grateful for my years of T'ai Chi Chih practice which kept me from going into total panic mode. It was interesting to observe myself and realize how quickly Monkey Mind convinced me that the next logical step was for me to hike further into the woods, go into a low blood sugar, and then wander aimlessly.

Instead, I slowed myself down, stopped, thought, asked for help, and, very soon, I heard the sound of a car driving by and was able to shift my direction slightly and head for the road. Indeed, I was in a low blood sugar by the time I made it back to the house, but I was safe and I had access to food to treat my insulin reaction. T'ai Chi Chih meditation to the rescue once again!

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