Friday, January 13, 2012

Trust What Needs to be Said and Done

I did another T'ai Chi Chih practice with Vic, Connie, Suni, and Rhonda early this morning. They're the four accredited TCC teachers who flow through the group practice at the end of Justin Stone's T'ai Chi Chih DVD. And it's such fun to join them when they're projected up on a five-by-seven foot screen.

It was a terrific way to start my day as I was feeling slightly anxious about a forthcoming phone call. And, sure enough, my TCC practice set the tone for a more relaxed, compassionate conversation.

Whenever I begin new classes (as I did this week), I always require extra time to prepare. I guess you could say that I'm writing my lesson plan even though it's not written down and, truth be told, it's not planned either since I rely on the Chi to guide me in my class format and instruction. Still, I review teaching materials, background information, and handouts to refresh my memory regarding particular elements of T'ai Chi Chih I'd like to mention. And then, when I'm in class teaching, I literally go with the flow when I move my body and when I move my mouth.

It's a liberating experience to trust that what needs to be said and done will present itself as needed. And, I might add, I wasn't capable of practicing this particular style of teaching when I first became a T'ai Chi Chih teacher some 15 years ago. What a gift to let go of perfectionism and expectations. Life is simpler ... and so much more enjoyable.

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