Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Mission

The morning sky was glorious and sun-filled; but, all-too-quickly its beauty was smothered by clouds. Yes, it's warmer today but far more gray than yesterday. Still, I did my T'ai Chi Chih practice as the last of a lovely sunrise glimmered over the lake.

I had a relaxing, enjoyable practice. The dog observed me occasionally as he dozed on a chair nearby while the soon-to-disappear sun reflected in a window on the porch and warmed my inner self. I followed my moving meditation with a five minute seated meditation and soon felt deeply content.

I read Sr. Antonia's January 2012 Newsletter last night. She mentioned that the T'ai Chi Chih community now has a mission statement meant to reflect the values and focus of our organization. It reads:
The International T'ai Chi Chih Community of students and accredited teachers is dedicated to the personal practice of T'ai Chi Chih, and to sharing with the world this form of moving meditation and its benefits, affecting body, mind, and spirit.
Justin Stone, T'ai Chi Chih's creator, asked our guide, Sr. Antonia to "Unite the Teachers." This mission statement comes out of that request.

Sister invited teachers to dedicate our practices to Gratitude during the month of January and to focus our attention on the words and intent contained within our newly-minted mission statement. I was reminded of yesterday's blog in which I wrote about the 12 Insights of the Celestine Prophesy. It certainly seems that Sr. Antonia is tuned into those insights in her direct request to us to set our intention on co-creating a world in which we all wish to live.

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