Sunday, January 8, 2012

Power within Our Souls

Last night's potluck, movie, and (Conversation Cafe) discussion were wonderful. It was incredibly inspiring to watch a group of women in Liberia (Pray the Devil Back to Hell) transform their war-torn country into a place of peace and hope.

I was impressed with Leymah Gbowee, the unintended leader of this women' peace movement, whose willingness to follow a dream--literally--inspired others to follow their own dreams for peace and prosperity. The backstory of their success hinged on the fact that they started this movement in their churches first (Christian and Muslim) and strengthened their efforts with huge doses of outreach, strategy, and prayers. It was obvious that these women were willing to let go of their egos in order to achieve a common, heartfelt goal: PEACE.

A Desmond Tutu quote on the DVD case said of the film:
[It] Eloquently captures the power each of us innately has within our souls to make this world a far better, safer, more peaceful place.
Yes! And, naturally, this inner power is made manifest when we engage our body/minds in a daily practice of T'ai Chi Chih moving meditation. When we create peace within, that peacefulness can circulate out into the world beyond us.

This morning I practiced T'ai Chi Chih outside. It was 25 degrees and totally still; I couldn't resist the light, warmth (?), and peace that emanated from the woods. Lucy bathed as I moved through the form and I focused on practicing Joan Borysenko's Breath Bridging Earth and Sky. (I inhaled the earth and sky energies into my heart area and then exhaled the energy into the world around me ... it felt so good to engage my intention on creating a more peaceful self/world.

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