Sunday, January 1, 2012

Heaven on Earth

Saturday, December 31, 2011:

(For whatever reason, I can't get our computer online today, so I wrote this blog entry in my journal.)

I began this final day of 2011 with a sunrise T'ai Chi Chih practice. Of course, I didn't see the sun (too many clouds), but I was overcome by the startling colors. It was gorgeous and astounding. Who can feel mad/sad/bad when the heavens are aflame?

Later in the day I saw one of my T'ai Chi Chih students at the grocery store and I told her about my morning practice. She was inspired by the idea of moving to the morning colors and said, "We'll see what tomorrow morning brings."

I thought more today about Friday's radio conversation on willpower. The interviewee mentioned that energy definitely affects willpower which explains why people are more able to accomplish goals in the morning than later in the day when they're tired. I could certainly relate to that concept from my own personal experience. It is much easier for me to make healthy food choices and avoid snacking in the mornings; by evening, though, my energy's low and I don't have the same energy to resist temptation and/or not-so-healthy foods.

The same holds true for TCC practice, I'm sure. That's why Justin Stone suggests that we practice right after we rise in the mornings (that way, we'll be sure to get our practices done).

Right at the moment I'm struggling with my willpower. Frances and I are invited to a New Year's Eve potluck/party and, since I was up at 5:30 this morning, I'm ready to settle in for the night rather than venture out. Hmm. What will happen? I'm sure I won't be up too late so perhaps I can go to eat dinner at least....

Happy New Year--2012 is at the door!

Sunday, January 1, 2012:

Our new year begins with a fresh coat of snow; the woods is covered in a lovely draping of white. (High winds are predicted to begin later today.) I launched into my T'ai Chi Chih practice this morning while the snow was still newly fallen, the day just begun. There was so much energy in my hands, I could feel it as I moved and when I settled into Resting Position. Why, I asked myself yet again, do I always feel a flood of energy after a rainfall or snowfall? An idea popped into my head: Because the snow has brought with it some of the heavenly (yin) energy.

Sure, that's a possibility. Then again, perhaps I'm more open and aware of myself and my bodily sensations after a rain or snowstorm, when the barometric pressure shifts, or who knows what. The reason really doesn't matter one whit. What matters is that I can sense the energy, it feels good, and I enjoy practicing TCC when I'm so intimately connected to the Chi. (And, of course, I like the symbolism of yin energy coming to earth or, shall I say, Heaven on Earth.)

I had a wonderful time conversing with neighbors and community members last night. The feeling of community revived me until my energy abandoned me around 11:00 p.m. What a wonderful way to begin another new year ... surrounded by the warmth of neighbors, food, conversation, and a sense of belonging. Who could ask for more?

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