Monday, June 25, 2012

Centering, Quieting, Slowing, Releasing

Again, as I do everyday, I took time out from the busyness to find some small, quiet place of peace and comfort. For me that meant going outside into the beautiful, cool, sunny day and finding a wide curtain of shade to do my T'ai Chi Chih practice while the dog and goose lounged around me.

Lucy was over by her swimming pool when I began but soon wandered over and positioned herself directly in front of me, about three feet away. Then she closed her eyes to sleep. She could hear my movements, though, and opened her eyes frequently to ensure that all was safe and secure.

Meanwhile Namaste lay in the dirt at my feet. Soon, however, he realized that Lucy got more of my attention simply due to the fact that she was directly in my line of vision. He simply had to get up and move between Lucy and me. His shift in position, of course, inspired Lucy to get up and leave.

Then I was back to where I began, all alone with my practice (which was fine with me!). The peace and quiet of my moving meditation practice is what keeps me sane these days, and I am deeply grateful....

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