Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Chi-Charge

Yes! I'm building up the miles on my bicycle. It's been a long time coming and, thankfully, that time has arrived.

I biked to Buffalo Bay gas station this morning (that's eight miles roundtrip) thinking that I may need to bike home after dropping our car off for repairs tomorrow. That may not seem far to you (and it wouldn't have seemed far to me back in the days when I biked regularly), but these days it's a bit of a hike. My goal: To bike to (and from?) work at the library while daylight hours are still long (that's about 16 miles roundtrip).

It's a warmer day today with a coolish breeze which allowed me to transition into my T'ai Chi Chih practice after I returned home from my bike ride. The dog and goose stayed close by. But today, instead of watching their comings and goings I took off my glasses and focused on my practice. In the distance I saw gleaming, glowing green where the sunlight shone on bushes, trees, and grasses. In the foreground I was surrounded by black, shadowy, cooling shade.

And, of course, I was well aware of the sound of buzzing flies and the feel of their teeny tiny footsteps as they walked all over my bare skin. I didn't need to see the buggers in order to sense their hovering presence.

After my wonderful Chi-charge a neighbor stopped in and I dived into my day.

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