Thursday, June 14, 2012

Slowing Down (Literally and Figuratively)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012:

Okay, I admit that I've slowed my pace over the years. I can't move as fast as I did when Frances and I moved to the woods near Bayfield almost ten years ago. And so, consequently . . .

This morning I felt exhausted. Recent days have been characterized by constant movement from the moment I rise from bed until darkness fills the sky. How could I practice T'ai Chi Chih when I felt so overwhelmingly low energy?

First I tried one obvious solution: I did a mental TCC rehearsal (30 minutes) while I lay on the Migun table for a half-hour treatment. Soft and slow movements--all in my head--helped me relax into the treatment and gently allowed my body to loosen.

After I rose from the table I did a 20-minute seated TCC practice. Both practices worked their wonders. With renewed energy I leapt into the car for grocery shopping and errands.

My day was not complete without a trip to the library for an art opening by local self-taught artist, Eli Klinger (fabulously inspiring!). Then Frances and I drove to our garden space and spent 45 minutes watering our fledgling plants.

I made it through the day, and then some.

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