Thursday, June 7, 2012

Goose Extends Leg and Stretches Wing

My early morning T'ai Chi Chih practice was quiet and mostly-solo. With the goose  at my side and an occasional hummingbird visiting the feeder, I was sheltered in forest shade and a chorus of birdsong.

As I moved, Lucy extended a leg backward in a slow, casual, relaxed stretch. I've written about this habit of Lucy's before. Today, though, it occurred to me that perhaps that stretch was inspired by my T'ai Chi Chih practice (as she watched me move through my practice, it encouraged her to stretch and relax as well).

I also was reminded of the names of movements from my T'ai Chi Ch'uan practice many years ago: Wild Horse Flings Its Mane, Embrace Tiger and Return to Mountain, Wave Hands Like Clouds, Wind Blows through Lotus Leaf. Possibly, I speculated, I could incorporate a name for Lucy's movement into my own TCC practice ... Goose Extends Leg and Stretches Wing (ha!). Of course, T'ai Chi Chih already has a movement named after birds, Bird Flaps Its Wings, and none of the other movements in the form truly fit with Lucy's grace-filled stretch. It was fun, though, to dream....

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