Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Practice in Parts

This morning was so absolutely beautiful that Frances and I took time to oil our chains and put air in our bicycle tires in order to bike to the polls to vote in the Recall Walker (as governor) election. That was the start of an overly full day.

I did two partial T'ai Chi Chih practices today, both pre- and post-work. I'm glad when I divide my TCC practice into two (or more) parts because it often feels as though that unintentional split practice was meant to happen. Tonight I truly needed to feel the energy flow through my hands as I relaxed my bodymind.

It also helped that Frances was on the Migun massage table tonight while I practiced. She played a CD of slow, soft music that filtered into my practice space and I soaked in the warm, soothing sounds of flute music while I moved.  And now ... I rest.

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